There are hundreds of aerosol paints out there but what is the best spray can paint? In this brief discussion/blog post we will go through what’s available and you will soon be able to make your own decisions.

What Spray Can Paints Are There?

Like most shopping products, there is an endless amount of manufacturers and suppliers developing their own products, looking to sell in the spray paint and aerosol market.

Like anything, most of the time you get what you pay for. If you find a custom colour spray paint for an absolute killer price, chances are, unless it has been tested, it will be low in quality and unable to meet your requirements.

RAL spray paints tend to be the most popular and in demand. RAL is used for information to help define standard colours for painting and coatings. You can purchase these as aerosols or brush on paints.

Another great source of paint for coatings are the British Standard Aerosols. These are the national standard body for the United Kingdom so these sprays are always a good option to consider. Similar to RAL the standard colours are used for identification, coding and other unique purposes for decorative sprays.

Again, similar to both the RAL and British Standard systems, PANTONE provides an identification colour chart that allows a buyer to perfectly identify the Pantone sprays they need. Known for numerous awards and colours of the year, the PMS, PANTONE Matching System is renowned for quality and customer satisfaction.

We have a number of aerosols and sprays available. It is difficult to pick a specific type and brand of paint because everyone’s needs are different. More often than not you will need different types of sprays for different scenarios.

It’s best to research the industry as best you can and speak to a local expert. If you’re looking for a car aerosol it might be worth speaking to a local body shop as they will have a great knowledge of the paints available.

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