2K And 2 Pack RAL ProductsThe names of specific paint types are often brought up, but never truly understood. This lack of understanding can in some cases result in the wrong paint type being selected for a specific project and produce results of inferior quality. Equally it can also result in inadequate safety measures and precautions being observed.

In order to help our customers to better understand specific paint types, their attributes, characteristics and typical application, we have decided to create a series of dedicated blog articles. Therefore, we are going to explore in detail 2K and 2 Pack spray paint products in order help you better utilise these paints within your projects and applications, and to take the correct safety measures.

Two Pack paints, are also known as 2K paints, people often fall into confusion, thinking they are different. This paint type is one of a number that have historically been primarily utilised as an automotive paint. However with the increase of popularity that spray paint as a whole has enjoyed in recent years, this popularity has seen the usage of two pack paints extend beyond this industry into mainstream applications ranging from shopfronts through to industrial cladding.

Historically, Two Pack paints and 2K paints, were introduced to replace Cellulose paints, and quickly enjoyed wide levels of usage on the automobile production lines of globally leading manufacturers and bodywork repair shops. The primary benefit of 2 Pack and 2K spray paints is that it contains only a minimal amount of thinners. This means that ultimately what you spray onto a surface is what you get, unlike other paint types with higher thinner levels. Once the coating has cured, this results in far lower levels of wastage, meaning exceptional financial savings can be enjoyed on larger applications.

An additional advantage of 2K and 2 Pack spray paints is that once the coating has cured it is substantially harder than cellulose paint, providing far greater levels of longevity. The harder coating that is produced, provides far greater levels of protection against the damage resulting from sunlight bleaching, petrol and acid rain. Additionally, unlike cellulose paint, 2K paint and 2 Pack paint does not oxidise and go dull over a period of time, nor does it develop a milky haze.

RAL 2K And 2 Pack ProductsThe harder coating provided by these types can be attributed to the fact that they contain isocynate. This chemical is incredibly hazardous to humans if inhaled. More recently, the British Government have released a dedicated guidance paper on working with two pack isocynate spray paints. The paper was produced specifically to provide guidance on the safe usage of these paints both professionally and domestically.

The importance of the provision of guidance for the safe usage of 2K and 2 Pack paints that contain isocynate, was due to the fact that it was found recently that spraying these paints is the main cause of occupational asthma within the UK. The key group within those who were afflicted was found to be vehicle paint sprayers. Statistically, it was found that sprayers using 2K and 2 Pack paints, without the correct preventative equipment were 90% more likely than the general population to contract asthma. Additionally, it was found that direct exposure and significant contact to 2K and 2 Pack paints on naked skin can result in dermatitis.

In order to avoid the risks associated with 2K and 2 Pack paints for both yourself and your employees, we have provided a list of simple tips in order to help you ensure that optimum protection is provided:

  • When utilising 2K and 2 Pack spray based paints, a large amount of invisible airborne mist is produced. When this invisible airborne mist is inhaled an individual becomes at risk of contracting and developing occupational asthma. Based on this, it is imperative that these paints are only utilised within a dedicated room or booth.
  • Once spraying has been completed, there is a period of time required for the invisible airborne mist to clear. This period of time is known as the clearance time. It is important that you and all individuals working within the area are aware of this time.
  • Air Fed Breathing Apparatus RAL 2K And 2 Pack ProductsEnsure that anyone who is utilising 2K and 2 Pack paints, or is within the same environment where these paints are being used, is wearing air-fed breathing apparatus (BA) at all times. Also make sure that all personnel accessing the spraying area, room or booth are familiar with the correct entry and exit procedures during the clearance time.
  • An employer whose employees are utilising 2K and 2 Pack spray paints should ensure that all control checks are operating correctly by measuring employee exposure to isocynate. This can currently only be achieved through a urine sample for expert analysis. This is also the only measure that is currently accepted by the MVR industry.
  • Additionally, an employer needs to ensure that regular health surveillance checks are performed. These checks include, lung function testing and general skin checks. The purpose of these checks is to identify early symptoms and signs of occupational asthma and dermatitis.

At DC Paint Solutions we advocate that our customers observe all health and safety precautions when using our range of RAL 2K and 2 Pack spray paints. We created this range in order to enable our customers to take advantage of the full spectrum of the RAL colour coding system and the physical characteristics of 2 Pack paint. When using our 2 Pack and 2K products, please bear in mind that our spray cans contain mixed paint, therefore results can vary. To avoid disappointment, test paint prior to application. DC Paint Solutions accept no responsibility for differences in colour following application.

If you do not know the exact coding number of your desired paint, but still wish to take advantage of the benefits provided by 2 Pack paint, then do not worry! We offer a dedicated colour matching service that enables for an exact match of your desired colour to be created. For more information, click here.

For further information about our range of RAL 2K and 2 Pack spray paints, or to enquire about appropriate safe practices when utilising these paints or our colour matching service, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 953 899. Alternatively, emails can be sent to us at: [email protected].

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