If it’s a high quality finish which you are after, then the Chrome Aerosol Paint is what you need. With a wealthy prestigious look. It’s the finish which everyone will ask you about. Why don’t you take a step into the high life and dive into the luxurious Chrome effect spray paint.

About Chrome Effect

The new Chrome effect and Gold Chrome effect perfect paint finish, is a new leap into the world of spray paint. A very popular choice with many clients and is still on going. The high demand for this type of paint could stem from the increase in popularity for Chrome effect paint in the industrial industry, all the way from car coatings to commercial exteriors.

How to Get the Best Result

Having the Chrome Effect paint is a good start in the right direction. However if not applied correctly, could result in the paint not setting efficiently. For the best results we advise and encourage clients to apply the Perfect Finish Spray Paint, in temperatures between 5oc and 30oc. If the paint is applied within temperatures outside the guided ones, it could result in inferior quality coating. Which means that you won’t be able to see the full effect of the Chrome paint. Finally, like anything 2/3 coats would be the ideal amount to make sure that you get the best result possible.
Different types of Chrome Effect Paint

  • Prestige Chrome Effect Paint (Not Silver) Perfect Finish spray Paint 400ml
  • . £9.99
    2 Coats recommended.

  • Prestige Gold Chrome Effect Paint Perfect Finish Spray Paint 400ml
  • . £9.99
    2 Coats recommended

  • Prestige Chrome Effect Paint Kit (Not Silver) Perfect Finish Spray Paint 400ml
  • £19.99
    1 Coat recommended

  • Prestige Gold Chrome Effect Paint Kit Perfect Finish Spray Paint 400ml
  • £19.99
    1 Coat recommended

The lump and loom days are over, go lavish and luxurious with DC Paint Solutions Chrome Effect paint. The leap into the future invites you to divulge into the prestigious new outburst of colour.

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