You want your vehicle to look good as new, but you’re worried about the colour’s not matching. Panic no more! DC Paint Solutions is now introducing their free Colour Match service. Our highly skilled paint technicians will create your desired colour by an aerosol or touch up paint pot. A sophisticated service you won’t find elsewhere.

Why Get Colour Matched

At DC Paint Solutions, we want you to receive what you came to get. An excellent service, with an outstanding product. Here at DC Paint Solutions, we know how daunting it is to buy spray paint for your vehicle, worried about it not be the right colour for you. Not only with it being a FREE service which we offer. It will also give you piece of mind knowing that it is the right colour for you.

How The Colour Match Process Works

Not as tricky as what you may think. Our aerosols function by gun applied paint with a controllable fan to a more concentrated spot fan. The same way a traditional gun to perform. This process allows a far greater paint coverage in a single pass, and more precise accuracy with harder to reach areas. We offer colour from the RAL Scheme, Pantone, Master Chromer Colour and British Standard Colour Aerosol Spray Paint. All we want from you is a sample to match against, not too much to ask for!
The Benefits

  • It is a great way to get a more precise and accurate colour for your vehicle.
  • It is a FREE and easy process.
  • A unique and thoughtful service, which will be hard to find elsewhere.
  • Created by very highly and skilfully trained in house paint technicians.
  • Used by very high quality colours from traditional spray paints
  • .
    Finally say no more to rusty road wear, and to old and aged roof tops. Bring back the shiny, sophisticated and effortlessly styled classic vehicle. With the help of DC Paint Solutions colour match service.

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