Whether it’s just a little nock or the colour has started to fade away. The idea of getting the whole body of your car re-spray painted again does not sound appealing. At DC Paint Solutionserosol, we definitely do not want to create an inconvenience for yourself, neither do you or ourselves have the time to be constantly repainting the whole car. This is where the spray paint touch up service comes in, it may just be a tiny little scratch, but we can still fix it.

How the process works

All we ask of you is to bring a sample of the colour you want us to use, and we can then create a colour spray paint match for you. This free colour match service means that you can get a realistic and very precise match for your car. It means that any simple touch up areas that have been damaged can be rectified without needing to touch up the whole of the vehicle.
Once the Spray Paint has been applied, (if applied correctly) the bonds within the paint are so tightly held together, meaning that the durability should last for years without any breakage or fading away. Ensuring that it looks very professional, yet effective aesthetically and durability wise.

The benefits for you

Not only are we saving you a lot of time and a lot of money, your vehicle will look as good as new, just by a quick and easy touch up.
You can take advantage of the free ‘colour match’ service, by giving us a sample of the existing colour of your vehicle. This means that your car will look as good as the day you got it.
No matter what it is, it could just be a scratch. Or there could be a section where your car has started to fade. We can still touch it up, without the hassle or going over the whole of the car.

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