Patio furniture has to endure the harsh seasons throughout the year, and it can, therefore, end up looking worn out and tired. There are many ways in which you can renew patio furniture, and one of the easiest ways is with spray paint. There is no need to spend excessive amounts of money on buying new furniture when you can renew the ones that you already have. We have come up with some ways in which you can renew your patio furniture to go from old and tacky to new and glamorous.

Ways To Renew Patio Furniture

Before giving up your furniture, try to revive it with a coat of paint by choosing from a range of soft or vibrant colours. Regardless of the material, whether it is metal, wooden or plastic, there is always a way that you can revive your patio furniture. There are a wide range of spray painting products that you can choose from to ensure that your DIY project comes out looking phenomenal.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture looks great when it is first brought and can remain in good condition for a long time. However, over time, the metal may fade and rust due to adverse weather conditions, so you may need to renew your furniture every now and then. Instead of completely replacing the furniture, why not try some DIY and spray paint it? The amazing array of colours available means that you can either give your furniture a touch up of colour or completely redesign it with a new colour.

Before you spray your furniture, make sure that you sand down the metal using a sanding block, so that when you apply the spray, it does not look lumpy. Make sure that when you are sanding down the furniture and spraying it that you use a protective mask. Once your furniture is looking smooth, apply your chosen colour by following the instructions on the can. We would recommend taking a look at our range of Ral Aerosol’s when thinking about renewing your patio furniture.

Painting your metal furniture black or grey will give it a modern look and make it seem as though you have brought it brand new. This easy and simple method can save a lot of money as metal furniture tends to be expensive. Whereas, spray paint is more affordable and you can make it look exactly the way you want.

Painted Metal Chair

Wooden Furniture

Although wooden furniture has become increasingly popular and looks stunning when you first buy it, its colour can fade, and it can start to look worn out and tired. Touching up wooden furniture with spray paint is an easy and effective solution to this problem.

Following the same method as the metal furniture, sand down the wood to make sure that the surface is smooth for painting. To ensure that the paint lasts longer and through adverse weather conditions, use a primer before painting. Choose a neutral colour such as white or brown for a fresh look, or opt for one of the many British standard colours that DC Paint Solutions offer.

For some fantastic advice and tips on how to restore wooden patio furniture, take a look at Lazy Susan’s furniture blog. Here you can find interesting tips such as placing a cork between cracks before sanding the furniture down.

Painted Wooden Chair

Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are often used as extra seating when you have a large number of guests over for a BBQ. They are often cheap to buy and look old and tired when you get them out next summer. However, you do not have to be embarrassed when bringing our your old, tired and worn down white plastic chairs. Simply painting them one colour can make them look new and slightly more expensive than the original price tag.

Due to the cheap nature or plastic chairs, you can afford to experiment with different patterns and techniques. A unique yet chic look is to dip dye the legs or the arms of the chair. You could also add a variety of patterns to your plastic chairs to make them stand out and look fun. Get creative and choose from the array of colours available with spray paint to make your old and unattractive plastic chairs look new and interesting.

Painted Plastic Chair

Vibrant Cushions

Here at DC Paint Solutions, we offer custom colour aerosol spray paints, meaning that you can create your own colour to suit your desired look. This is a great way to create the perfect look by spraying cushions to match your furniture. If you do not have the time to sand down and spray all your weathered furniture, then adding vibrant cushions can instantly transform your patio.

You can choose a colour that matches the furniture such as black with black metal furniture or neutral colours on wooden furniture. However, with the array of colours available to use, it would be a shame not to spray paint your cushions a vibrant true red, blue iris or yellow mimosa. Experiment with different colours and mix and match your cushions to create a vibrant, textured look that brightens your garden through rain or shine.

Patterned Cushion

Funky Patterns

If you are bored of dull-looking furniture but want to keep to shades or neutral colours, then adding a pattern to your furniture is a great way to renew your patio. There are a variety of different ways in which you can decorate your patio furniture, and you can be as adventurous with your patterns as you like. By using spray paint, you can cover any areas that you do not want to paint, to create a pattern on your furniture. For example, take a large piece of paper and cut it into strips, place the strips on the chair in whatever direction you wish and spray over the chair and paper. The result of this unique design will make your furniture look funky and exciting.

For some creative ways on painting outdoor furniture, take a look at SF Gates home decor blog for ideas and inspiration.

Patterned Furniture

Time To Get Creative

Before going ahead and spray painting your patio furniture, make a plan and design your renovation. You can be as creative as you like or as subtle as you wish, depending on your desired look. Regardless of the material or the design, painting your furniture will give the renewed look that your patio deserves.

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