Ryan's Caliper

Recently, Ryan Easton completed a fantastic job using DC Paint Solution’s high-quality aerosol paints. The team worked hard to find the perfect colour match for the client, ensuring that the final finish on his calipers was up to a high standard, and looked professional. Take a look at the finished result of this wonderful makeover.

Tools and Materials Used:

How Ryan Completed This Project

Originally, Ryan wanted red caliper paint to match his red Audi car paint, but unfortunately, you cannot use the paint that is used for a car in the same respect of caliper paint as it’s a high heat tolerant paint needed. Luckily, Ryan had the paint code for his car so we could make the best possible colour match for his caliper paint. After matching the 2K Gloss, we logged the code for any future purchases. This would mean that if Ryan required more paint, or decided to complete another project in the future, it would be easy to find the perfect paint match.

Once this was complete, the client removed the wheels and calipers. The calipers were sanded, then degreased, cleaned and left to dry. It is important to make sure that this is fully dry before completing the next step as it can greatly impact the final result. Once dried, the High Build Primer was applied for the base coat.

Once this had cured, Ryan applied the Caliper paints and let them cure for a couple of hours. The end result is awesome and creates a stunning visual uniformity to the vehicle. Fantastic job Ryan, thanks for the pictures of your project!

Project Pictures

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