shipping container before and after

Our client Josh came to us with a difficult job in mind; he needed to refurbish an already painted container and wanted to protect its existing mural.


The Prep:

Firstly, the mural was covered with masking tape and paper then the rest of the container was washed, greased and sanded down. Next, Josh sanded down each panel until they were matte. All dust particles were then removed before moving on to painting.

The Painting:

Once all the dust had been removed, the RAL 6002 HD/AC Primer was applied in left to right passes – we recommend applying 2 to 4 light coats.

The HD/AC Primer paint can be applied without needing a ground coat, providing that the surface is thoroughly cleaned beforehand. It has a UV additive and adhesion promoters in the paint’s chemical formulation to provide the best possible sticking power. There is also an anti-corrosion element built in, meaning there should be no rusting so long as you treat any rusting before application.

Top Tip: HD/AC Primer paint is thicker than our regular acrylics etc., so don’t go heavy when applying it. It could cause runs, or in a worst-case scenario, if you don’t let it cure adequately between coats, it may cause cracking in the future.

Once the paint was cured, the masking tape and paper were removed, showcasing the mural in all its glory.

The Final Word:

This job was done phenomenally! We mainly used aerosol cans; however, it could be easier with a gun due to the container size. With enough time and care, you should be able to do this job easily!

Images From The Project:

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