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A bathroom is usually a place you keep clean and is generally a neutral looking area in the home. But this does not always need to be the case; you can create a range of gorgeous designs and unique styles by using a variety of different painting techniques. Read on to find out the best way to paint a bathroom!

What is the best way to paint a bathroom?

There is not just one perfect way to paint your bathroom; there are a couple of elements which might need a different type of paint which is what we will discuss throughout the article.

Brush painting is a great technique to ensure precision; it allows you to get as much coverage as possible. Spray painting is also another aspect of painting many people do not think about when it comes to the bathroom, but if you are looking to add a unique design to the bathroom walls a great way to do this is by spray painting. Alternatively, if you are looking to change the finish of your handles, radiator or bathroom furnishings, you can do so with spray paint.

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A bathroom is usually very personal, and each design will depend on the size of the bathroom and the shape. Bathrooms are usually designed with trends in mind. Some of the most popular trends of 2018 are indigo blues, bold accents in the bathroom this could be bathroom furnishings or artwork, rose gold furnishings and grey bathrooms all of which have been highly sought after by homeowners this year.

When it comes to bathroom designs, it is not only just about the aesthetics of the bathroom but also the practicality of it. If you are thinking about the layout, you may want to consider a plumber such as JF Plumbing Services who will come in and help move your bathroom furnishing so you can make the most out of the space you have.

If you have a larger bathroom, you may be able to fit in more than your usual bathroom interiors. For example, a gorgeous vanity might just be what you are looking for. If you have the space why not?

Preparing walls for any type of paint?

If you have moved into a new home we highly recommend doing this to most walls in the house but it is vital to the bathroom, if you are already living in your home and have been for a while you may not need to do this step, but it is always advised as the paint will usually adhere much better.

Unfortunately, you never know how well the people before you cleaned their bathroom. One of the most significant problems when it comes to bathroom walls is not necessarily the stains it is more soap scum and bleaching agents that are left on the walls. If you do not use a good sugar soap, then you might find that soap scum remains on the walls. If you try to paint over this, you could find the paint starts to peel away from the wall.

You will also want to ensure before you start to paint any sized bathroom with any type of paint your bathroom is well ventilated. Most paints have solvents in them which can, in fact, be damaging to your health, so it is vital you keep yourself safe.

Remove any of the furnishings in the bathroom or make sure you have them very well covered. There would be nothing worse than spending hours painting to find later out you have damaged the toilet or sink with paint. This is an important step to think about as it can be hard to remove.

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Brush painting

Brush painting is normally a good way of dispersing a large amount at a quick rate; it also helps to get a significant amount of coverage. When it comes to brush painting, you are always going to want to brush from top to bottom, starting at the ceiling. You will then want to start at the top of the walls working your way to the bottom. Before you start, you will want to use masking tape to cover any ages that you do not wish to paint.

Spray painting

Spray painting using a ral colours or British Standard aerosols is a great way of adding extra detail to your bathroom as it does not take a long period of time to complete. We recommend looking for stencils to help you achieve the design you are looking for. We suggest taking a look at The Stencil Studio as they have gorgeous designs, they also have patterns and unique individual stencils to aid your bathroom design.

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How to make your bathroom a statement

Bathrooms designs are constantly changing through the times, years ago everyone used to have an olive bathroom, now everything is pristine white. While your furnishing may be white, there are many different ways you can make a statement in your bathroom. While your bathroom furniture may be timeless, your walls do not have to be, if there is a particular look you are wanting to establish why not go for it. The great thing about painting is your not stuck with it forever; if you choose to change your mind you can do so, you simply paint over it.

Be bold with your colours; the key is to choose completely plain furnishing if you already have them then this might be the perfect option for you. Alternatively, your statement may be a little more subtle in comparison to bold colours. You could look at introducing classic elements into your bathroom such as a stand-alone bath. Give it a modern twist with grey tones, and even a gorgeous subtle wall background.

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Bathrooms are usually utilitarian spaces, however, this does not mean they cannot benefit from a little bit of decorative flair. Whether you decide to go for a bold statement bathroom or a functional, clean look, there are different ways you can achieve it. Painting your bathroom does not have to be a mission, using brush painting to achieve the overall colour is the best way to do so. Alternatively, if you are looking to achieve a more intricate design then spray painting is the technique for you.

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