finished alien rifle project

Our team recently bought this amazing 3D printed Aliens Colonial Marine Pulse Rifle replica, which we renovated and added an additional electronic element to upgrade the model. This was a really fun project, where we constructed the 3D printed model before sanding down the rough edges and as many lines on the weapon as possible.

We added a fine layer of filler around the roughest part of the weapon to smooth the edges, using 2K Black Filler Primer, 1K Solid Acrylic Satin Paint, and 2K Satin Lacquer before adding the electronic element.


The Project We Completed

One of our top tips for a project like this is to add extra filler over the joining lines to have more to work with when you sand the model flat. When the filler dries, it shrinks into the cracks; adding a little extra filler creates more space to work with around the shrinkage before you start sanding.

Once all of the sanding had been completed, we added the 2K Filler Primer in black. This process was a great way to further smooth over the rougher parts of the model and joining lines. We added three coats in total, and the filler primer did a fantastic job smoothing the lines out. In total, the drying time for this stage was approximately 2.5 hours.

We then matched the replica colours from the original Aliens movie rifle and replicated this by spraying our model with a 1K Solid Acrylic Base Aerosol Paint. As the rest of the model was already black, we only needed to add one colour for the bulk of the model. Three coats of paint were sufficient to cover it and these were cured fully. Once this was completed, we added the electronic bullet counter, which took a little bit of work, but we’re so pleased with the results! Finally, we added a 2K coat of clear Satin Lacquer to protect the paint and harden the project’s finish.

All-in-all, this was an enjoyable, creative project, and we really levelled up the replica by adding the electronic component. If you’re curious about any of our other completed projects, take a look here.

Our Project Process

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