bmw black door handle

Cars are often prized possessions for many, so when they become damaged, it can be extremely frustrating. Not only is it annoying having to deal with the scratches, but it can also be extremely costly for repairs, making spray painting a great alternative. With our high-quality spray paints, you can achieve an excellent finish on your vehicle when taking the time to ensure that it is done properly. Our team recently worked on a BWM door handle, and have provided a step by step guide on how you can achieve the same.

Tools Used For This Project

The Process

The first step is to sand/key the surface; this is purely to give an abrasive edge for the primer to stick to. Once keyed, you will need to clean off any loose dust and then degrease it to remove any chemical residue. When it has dried, apply the black high build primer and then leave to dry for around 20/30 minutes between coats.

A metallic black base coat was then applied; when completing this project yourself, make sure to leave the coat to cure for 20/30 minutes between coats. 2 coats of the basecoat was applied.

To finish off the project, we applied four coats of the 2K gloss lacquer topcoat to give it a luxury look and feel. The reason to apply a 2K topcoat is to protect the surface from the elements, chemicals and abrasion, 2K has a hardener in it so it will be a lot more protective. Leave to fully cure for 24 hours.

Samples can be taken of your vehicle, which means that if you have a similar project, then our team can colour match for a seamless finish.

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