Staceys Chairs

Stacey decided that her garden needed a revamp, so came to DC Paint Solutions for a spray paint ideal for withstanding adverse weather conditions. With a colour in mind, our team were able to equip her with the perfect spray paint solution for her project. Take a look at how this project was completed and the before and after photos of Stacey’s amazing work!

Tools Used:

  • Wire Brush
  • Anti-rust agent
  • Sand Paper
  • High Build Primer
  • 1K Base Coat (or 2K Base Coat)
  • 2K Gloss Paint

Completing This Project:

Start by taking a wire brush and remove any loose surface material or rust. The oxidised pitting is almost chalky, so a majority of it should come off with very little effort, whereas as rust will take a little more investigating to see how deep it goes. Ensure you take the time to remove all rust which has bubbled under the paint, taking it right back to metal. Then, with rubber gloves on, scrub around the framework with the rust treatment. Remove all cushions and seat pads as the rust treatment could end up staining them. If the pitting is really deep, you can look at getting a metal filler and building the substrate level back up. Once the filler has cured, you can sand to an acceptable level.

Once complete, apply the primer, remember the trick with primer is to only cover the project, not actually paint it in coats. The thinner the coat, the quicker it will cure. Ordinarily, the primer should be touch dry within 15-20 mins and suitable to paint over within 1-2 hours.

Once you are comfortable with the primed finish, you can apply your 1K or 2K base coat colour. Now, this is where things can get complicated, so we will attempt to break it down. A Single Pack (1K Base Coat) colour is a non-hardened paint (for garden furniture we suggest ACRYLIC); this will be fine and last for a while, however, at some point, it may wear down, especially if you don’t apply a lacquer to protect the paint. If you do add a lacquer, we suggest a 2 Pack (2K Top/Clear Coat) as this is a hardened finish, designed to tolerate a lot more weathering, abrasions and certain chemical properties. This will give you a much harder protective layer and bring depth to the final base coat colour. The other option when it comes to painting your project is to purchase a 2K Base Coat; this will be a hardened finish and paint all in one, so may remove the need for a final lacquer top coat. It’s also worth adding a UV additive where possible to reduce to possibilities of sun bleaching.

To further maintain the final project, wash it regularly with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. Dirt and dust on the surface of iron can trap moisture against the paintwork, causing it to deteriorate and rust. To keep your iron furniture in good condition, always keep it clean.

Thanks to Stacey for the fantastic pictures, great job!!

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