blue caliper project

Take a look at this fantastic transformation we completed on some BMW E53 calipers to add a modern, eye-catching twist to the vehicle.

Tools and Materials Used:

To complete this project, you will need the following:

How To Prepare The Calipers:

Caliper paint is designed to be high heat tolerant, which is necessary when painting brake calipers as they must be able to withstand extreme heat. In this instance, we colour matched the BMW blue colour on the logo in a 2K gloss caliper paint. We also logged the code of this product on our system for any future purchases.

Once the colour was selected, we pressed on and removed both the wheels and calipers. The calipers were then wire brushed to remove any debris before being sanded to smooth out any excess bumps. Next, we thoroughly cleaned and degreased the surface then left to dry. When the surface had dried, the high build primer was applied for the base coat.

How To Paint The Calipers:

Once the primer had cured, we applied the blue caliper paint and allowed this to cure for a couple of hours. A second coat was applied, which was again, left to cure for the same amount of time and then the process repeated for the third coat and final coat.

The end result is stunning and creates a super sporty aesthetic on the vehicle. The total time for all 4 calipers to be repainted is around one full day, including curing times.

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