pc tower refurbishment

We recently completed a personal project to show how the paint linked below could adhere to plastics. This involved transforming the colour of an outdated PC gaming tower using custom and metallic paints. If you are interested in completing a similar project, then you can find full details below!

Tools Used For This Project:

To refurbish this PC gaming tower, we used the following tools and products:

  • Sanding Paper
  • Degreaser
  • High Build Primer (Custom Black)
  • Kronos Black Metallic Paint
  • Satin Lacquer

Step 1: Prep & Prime

Firstly, we sanded down the existing paint and plastics before degreasing the surface in preparation for the ground coat (primer coat). We cleaned off the substrate and then applied a custom high build black primer paint. We left this to prime for at least an hour to cure.

Step 2: Base Coat

Once the primer coat has cured, we applied the first base coat (base coat is the colour coat). We applied two coats of this, leaving an hour between coats to allow the paint to cure. The final result looked great!

Step 3: Top Coat

Now for the final coat of lacquer, this will seal the base coat and protect the finish. We added three coats of 1K satin lacquer before leaving them to cure overnight and harden.

The final product is awesome, and we were really pleased with the outcome. Once again, the results show how a little time and a few paints can completely transform an old, tired PC tower.

Project Pictures

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