finished minor helmet project 1

Jason was doing a series of seminars in the US and bought this miners hat to take with him. He asked us to complete a paint job that would be memorable, giving us the freedom to create whatever we wished. This was the ultimate project for us, so we couldn’t wait to get started!

Tools Used

To carry out this project, we used the following:

The Method:

To begin this project, we had to ensure that the structure was right as the helmet had some dents in it. To do this, we filled the holes with metal primer then sanded down the whole helmet before cleaning and degreasing the surface.

The next step was to prime the helmet. As this was not bare metal, we opted for a high build primer, applied two light coats, and then left to cure for an hour.

We were initially planning to adopt a Union Jack style graffiti. However, after adding the red and blue, we were not happy with the way the project was going, so we chose to amp up the design and switch ideas.

We dusted around the edges and middle of the helmet with black anodised paint but left highlights of the blue and red. To further add character, we added a coat of hologram effect paint. As the helmet had multiple facets and contours, the hologram paint would change colour as you moved the hat, showing off a stunning spectrum of colours.

Finally, we sealed the paint with a 2K gloss lacquer; this will not only protect the finish but also add depth to the layers of metallic.

The Final Results:

As you can see from the photos below, the results from this project were amazing. Jason was blown away with the end look, and we hope that the miner helmet aids his seminars abroad.

Thank you, Jason, for this project and for putting your trust in us. We were just as chuffed with the outcome – bring on new challenges and projects!

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