hat spray painted orange

As you know, we love a quirky project here at DC Paint Solutions, and Janine’s hat project was certainly one to remember. In need of the perfect match for her client, the team helped to transform Janine’s creation into a stunning explosion of colour. Take a look below at how this was achieved!

Tools Used

To complete a similar project yourself, you will need the following equipment and products:

How The Project Was Completed

Janine came to us with an uncommon dilemma; her hat company had a client who loved one of the hats but wanted it in a particular Pantone colour for an event. As the hat was made of flexible material, this posed an issue as the paint is not designed to be flexible. However, some light coats of a cellulose based paint would be the key to the project succeeding. This is because it will stick to the hat material as long as it is not applied too thick.

Of course, you cannot prime the surface either, as this would cause the paint to be too thick, and the likelihood of the paint cracking off in lumps would be greatly increased.

Janine approached this project by cleaning the surface first and then lightly keying the surface with some grey scotch brite; this gives the paint a surface it can adhere to. Once the dust was cleaned off, a few light coats of the Pantone paint was applied until the desired effect was achieved.

The Final Results

Janine’s client was super impressed with the results, and we were really happy we could help.

Photos Of The Project

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