predator alien head 1

We were thrilled when a client asked us to help them with their Alien Head project, and we are excited about the results. Take a look at how we completed this project and the before and after pictures!

Tool List


The Xenomorph Head – Firstly, we had to disassemble the head from the base plate and the head cap. We masked off all the parts of the head we didn’t want to tint green. For this project, we chose a translucent green 1K lacquer and added the glass effect; this way, when light reflects on it, it should give it a wet glistening effect.

Once this had cured, we added a 2K gloss lacquer over the whole head except the mouth, which was still masked off. We then covered around the mouth with masking tape and sprayed just the teeth with a chrome paint. The reason we didn’t apply the 2K lacquer over the teeth is because the chrome paint would have reacted and turned a dull grey rather than a chrome colour. This was all then left to cure.

The Skull Cap – We cleaned and lightly keyed the inside of the alien’s skull cap. Once this was cleaned and dry, we applied a translucent black 1K gloss paint. This meant we could still see partially through the perspex head of the alien when it was cured and put back on the head.

The Alien Blood – We mixed up a lime green NCS colour in a solid 2K mix in a 50ml pot. We then liberally splashed it around the base of the head and reconnected the base to the head.

Final Results

We aimed at matching the standard alien bust on the alien resurrection coloured aliens. We wanted to change the skin colour to dark green.

By adding the glass green lacquer, it will always look wet once the 2K gloss coat is applied. We chromed the teeth as the silver colour on them wasn’t a good enough match. We laid the 2K gloss on very thick, especially around the mouth and chin, so it will give it the gore effect. Once this was done, the skull cap was tinted darker as it wasn’t quite dark enough before.

Finally, we added the alien blood around the base of the head and the neck to give the effect that the xenomorph head had been decapitated. Overall it was an interesting project with the fantastic subject matter, and we are really happy with the results.

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