raleighs bike

What we did

We began by stripping the frame to bare metal, using fine sandpaper. We then filled the chips and light dents in the frame and applied an etch primer in the shade light grey. Once the primer coat had dried we used a 2K Gloss Black base coat and left the paint to set.

Following this, we applied the metallic rainbow paint. We used a tester which we had never used before and luckily it worked out phenomenally. When the light hits it at different angles, the paint surface changes colour. We finished the job by applying a 2K High Gloss coat.

We had the bike rebuilt by Cycle Saviours in Milton Keynes. The end result is stunning and unlike any bike that we have ever painted or performed work on before.

Diamondback bike bar
Diamondback bike frame
Full bike frame
Bike frame and sticker
Diamondback bike and wheel
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