sprayed tiled roof

From time to time, we are required to colour match paint samples provided to us, whereby a client is looking to repair and replenish an item. The team were recently asked to perfectly colour match a sample provided of some terracotta roof tiles. We had one single tile brought in, the colour was then matched, and the sample match was logged for future orders. The reason the client needed a colour match was because they were spraying part of their tiled roof that had chipped and faded, meaning that it had to perfectly match the rest of the roof colour. Logging the colour match was also essential in case the client required additional paint for future projects.

Completing This Project

The client felt that their tiled roof was causing aesthetic issues with their property, and wanted a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to transform their home. Using our high-quality and professional spray paints, the client is able to apply a couple of layers of a durable coating. Take a look below at how this project was complete and how it came out!

Prep & Clean

The first step to achieving an immaculate finish is to clean all the tiles and remove any dust or lose debris from the area being treated. Once the tiles are completely dry, you can apply the paint coat.

Ground/Base Coat (All In One Primer)

On this occasion, we made the paint is an all in one primer paint. The HD/AC primer paint can be used as an all in one primer and paint and is suitable to most substrates; this makes the project far easier to complete by eliminating the number of layers and time needed for priming and then painting the substrate. It’s slightly thicker than normal paint and also has UV protection, so it will take longer for the colour to bleach in the sun. It also has anti-corrosion properties so as long as you have no rust when you paint your substrate, it shouldn’t rust from then on. When working on tiles you don’t have to be too particular, so you can go straight to a wet coat (thicker coat). The tiles should be touch dry in around 30 minutes, but leave them to fully cure for around 4 hours before putting them back on the roof.

Thanks again Clive Owen for bringing the project to us, it was great to work with you.

Project Pictures

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