Jordan Yellow Car

A regular client of ours, Jordan Gosden, decided that he wanted to colour match the calipers on his vehicle to create a seamless finish that gave him the ultimate car goals.

The Painting Process

The first step of this process was to make sure that we perfectly colour matched the paint to the vehicle’s original body colour. It took the team around 20 minutes to find the perfect colour for the car, of which we came to the conclusion that the 2K Gloss Yellow Caliper paint was ideal for his 3 Series BMW. This colour was then logged into our system to make sure that future colour matching was easier.

Once the paint had been matched to the vehicle, the client took the spray cans home to complete the work on his vehicle in his garage. Jordan began by decreasing the surface and cleaning the calipers, letting it dry fully before completing any further work. By doing this, it meant that dirt and debris would not obstruct the finish as this could have left bumps or caused future chipping as the dirt is sealed under the paint.

When the surface was completely dry, Jordan applied a high build primer base coat to maximise the finish and provide a long life span for the paintwork. Once the primer had cured, Jordan applied the caliper paint and allowed the paint to cure for a couple of hours. After the paint had fully cured, decals were applied to the vehicle to give a personal touch to the car.

The final result of this project looks stunning, and the paint and decals beautifully compliment the vehicle. We are extremely impressed with the seamless finish of this project, and couldn’t be happier for Jordan in achieving his desired look, great job indeed!

Project Pictures

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