Doug Darch Red Bike Spraying

Thanks, Doug Darch on sending pictures of a repair on his bike. The Process The plastic rear fender was clearly damaged. The part was sanded down, plastic filler to smooth over the...

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joes car

Joe’s Alloy Wheels

Thank you to Joe Atkinson for sharing your alloy wheel project with us! The Process Joe used a 2k RAL Colour Spray Paint to coat his alloy wheels. Before spraying he took great car...

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Car Grills BMW

Thank you to Chris Daily on sending DC Paint Solutions his car grill respray project. The process First things first, Chris sanded down and cleaned the grills. He then used a grey...

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Loco Model Train

Thanks to John Fysh who recently sent in his progression of a Loco Model Train. John ensured the side tanks had been prepped before painting the Etch primer. He then continued to c...

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American Muscle Car

One of our customers recently sent us a few pictures of a specialist job he had done an American muscle car. As well as Caliper and body paint we also produce a range of paints sui...

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